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What is Rhizobium? – a probiotic poem

April 18, 2012

After a very promising start, my Google Alert for “rhizobium” has not turned up very much of interest, but today it has offered me a web page entitled “What is Rhizobium?”.  The page is headed:

Welcome to France Co. Ltd. is biotech laboratories founded in France and China in 2001, KFO focuses on research and development of probiotics,pyridine,bacteria

The article itself is a real gem of the automatic translator’s art.  Every sentence has its own glorious poetry, but I can only quote you the opening:

Rhizobium are clay bacilli that fix nitrogen (diazotrophs) afterwards acceptable accustomed axial basis nodules of legumes (Fabaceae). Rhizobia crave a bulb host; they cannot apart fix nitrogen.

You can read the whole poem at    No doubt it sounds better in Chinese.

By clicking the “Rhizobium sale” link, though, I learned that “227 customers have already purchased Rhizobium”.  I hope it worked for them.



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