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Scoop it!

February 5, 2013

Since this time last year, my rhizobium blog has had 1687 views from Japan, 1340 views from Canada (thanks, Ivan!) … and zero views from China.  Since Chinese researchers are among the most active in the area of rhizobial diversity, this is disappointing.  Are my views too contentious to be allowed in the People’s Republic?  Actually, I have discovered that the whole web site is invisible to the Chinese – and also, apparently, to the Iranians.  There are thriving rhizobium research communities in both those countries, and I would not like to exclude them from the conversation, so I am experimenting with another way to reach them.  I have copied the most recent posts from this blog to . is a site for posting links to other pages on the web, with comments.  I have copied the entire text of the posts into a comment, so it should be visible to visitors to

I learned about by finding the excellent Rhizobium Research resource that is maintained by Ivan Oresnik at Here, he provides copious links to recent papers on rhizobia and the legume symbiosis that have caught his attention.  No doubt it serves as a compulsory reading list for his own students, and it is also a valuable resource for the rest of us.  I recommend it.

By the way, I know very few Japanese rhizobium researchers, so if you are in Japan and have looked at this blog 1687 times (or even just once), please add a comment to tell us who you are and what you are interested in.



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